The Vicious Cycle of Low Self Esteem – Part I – Bringing OURSELVES Down

Our self esteem starts to develop the day we’re born. Reduced self esteem normally creates from the rejection that we faced while growing up. There are overt acts that make us really feel turned down, like when people are impolite or also hostile towards us, when we are transformed down for a task, or when a girlfriend/boyfriend or a partner leaves us.

As kids, rejection can especially be apparent with children teasing us or teasing us. Nowadays, this type of denial with children has gone to an extreme degree, with stories of bullying by groups versus people, also circulating savage messages by texting or on Facebook. Those who experience such bullying usually feel extremely declined and could have their self esteem negatively impacted forever. We hear stories on the news of some sufferers of bullying regretfully committing self-destruction.

There are additionally subtle methods which we are rejected, like when we are disregarded by people, or are provided a dirty look or are cut off in traffic. With children or teens, it can be circumstances where the moms and dads do not invest much time with them, or they are not able to obtain dates, or are not invited to an event. We all obtain declined either overtly or in subtle ways virtually on a daily basis of our lives.

And also whether we admit it or otherwise, it usually affects how we consider ourselves, making us like our own selves less. And as we are turned down much more as well as establish reduced self esteem, we can wind up shedding self-confidence, after that act more adversely (e.g., reject individuals more, be less reliable at work, eat the incorrect foods, feel more not worthy, or possibly get addicted to pornography, medications, and/or liquor to relieve the discomfort).

After responding in such ways, we feel also worse about ourselves as well as do more harmful and also damaging points, making ourselves after that feel even worse. This is part of the vicious cycle of low self-confidence. It comes to be a self fulfilling prophecy – we really feel bad concerning ourselves, so we do bad things, makings us feel also worse regarding ourselves – and the vicious cycle proceeds, resulting in more psychological pain and also depression.

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